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Possible Signs Of A Cheater: How To Catch A Cheater

Possible signs of a cheater


Do you think your man is cheating on you?  Don’t let him get away with it.  Cheating men always leave infidelty signs.  Here at, we have compiled a list of the most common cheating men signs.  Use them to your advantage and catch the cheater!

There are many websites such as and out there  who specialize in promoting discrete affairs between married and committed people.  Make sure your husband or boyfriend is not advertising on these sites!  Some other sites he may be visiting are's largest escort site), in addition to  This is another easy way for your man to cheat without him getting caught.

Disclaimer:Before you read the below information, please note one of the easiest way to "Catch a Cheater" is to set a trap.  99.9% of the time, cheating men will cheat when their partner is out of town or when the cheater is traveling.  Tell your partner you are leaving for the weekend and then wait and watch.  If he doesn't come home all night, he could be at another woman's house or  a hotel, in which case you would have to follow him.  Otherwise, he may bring her to his or "your" house.  Remember the old saying...."when the cat's away, the mouse will play."  It's very true.

How To Catch The Cheater

  • Using a digital Tape Recorder:This method is my favorite ways of catching a cheater besides using a computer key logger.By  Placing a long recording, voice-activated digital tape recorder ,you will be able to listen to all of your partners phone and in-car conversations.  Make sure you hide it well(make sure it is not obvious).  I know about  200 women who have caught their partners this way.  It's quick, easy and much cheaper than hiring a detective.
  • Putting a Track Stick GPS tracking device: in your partner's car also works but they can be expensive.Nevertheless,if you can afford it,go right ahead Usually they cost about US$249.00 but they are no larger than a pack of gum and will track anywhere his automobile goes.You can buy from Walmart  or Do a search on Google.
  • The use of Lie detector test have become affordable and available in  cities: Write down 10 or 15 "yes" or "no" questions and ask your partner to take one.  They are fairly accurate but I would not rely soley on this method.I advice you try it with another method.
  • Set your partner up by placing a fake profile on-line and see if he takes the bait or get one of your girlfriends to hit on him with a recording device in her purse.
  • Using an external keylogger hardware:If your partner is computer savy and you don't feel secure installing a key logger, consider an external attachment which you can find at for about US$89.
  • Confrontation:If you have exhausted all other means of catching your cheating partner, you can fake that you know information.  For example, you could say something like "I know what you've been up to and I am going to give you the opportunity to tell me the truth now.  However, if you lie to me, it will make things ten times worse."  Act like you have proof, act serious, and give him overnight to "think about it."  Many men will lie to the very end but if you are a good enough actress, you may get the information you are looking for. This should be you last resort to catching a cheater;if ut goes wrong,you could be saying sorry to your relationship.

Note:NEVER accuse your partner of cheating unless you have concrete proof because the majority will lie to not get caught and simply cover their tracks better.A woman's gut instinct is rarely wrong, so listen to it.  Women also seem to be born detectives.Good luck.!

Paper trails: Phone bills and habits of Cheaters


  • Unexplained, repetitive charges on mobile phone bill. Often these will be made right after leaving home in the morning and right before coming home in the evening. A cellular phone bill is one of the best ways to catch cheating men because the bill lists every single call made (unlike a bill for conventional phone services, which list only long distance charges). If you suspect your partner is cheating, and they don't have a cell phone, it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy them one.
  • Cell phone bills contain calls with long duration.
  • Cell phone calls are not returned in timely fashion.
  • Home phone and calling card records containing calls with long duration.
  • An unusual number of hang ups or wrong number calls.
  • Leaves house or goes to other rooms to talk on the telephone.
  • Hangs up suddenly when you walk in the room.
  • Cheating man has suspicious phone voice-mail messages.
  • Cheating man has suspicious cell phone numbers stored or dialed.
  • Cheating man has suspicious pager messages.
  • Receives pages in the middle of the night.
  • Unknown pager numbers stored in memory.

Other Signs  Of Infidelity(these are pointers):

  • Discovery of a post office box in your home.
  • The toilet bowl seat is up, (men) and when you left home it was down.
  • The passenger seat in the car has been moved and is not in the usual position.
  • Unaccountability for hairs of a different color on your partner's clothing.
  • Cigarette smoke on clothing that can’t be explained.
  • Clothes smell of perfume, massage oil residue and/or sex or have make-up stains and/or lipstick smudges.
  • Needs a pager, cellular phone.  Turns off phone when he's with you.  Goes outside or to another room when making calls or recieving incoming calls.
  • Secretion stains on underwear.
  • Check wallets and/or the car glove compartments to see if they left receipts, match books, condoms, pieces of paper with phone numbers, notes, addresses, etc.

Did He Cheat On ME?-How Can I know?


Computer usage:Most men who are having  illicit affairs or seeing escorts make repeated efforts to wipe out the information from their hard drive with programs like Window Washer which makes them more difficult to catch, but not impossible.  Key logger software programs can catch anyone.
Some cheating signs to watch for are the cheater:

  • Uses computer alone and secretly with a demand for privacy - If someone begins cheating, whether on-line or in real life, they'll often go to great lengths to hide the truth from their partner. The computer may be moved from a visible den to a locked office. Try to keep your computer in a public area at home where you can monitor your partner's internet activity.
  • Internet web browser history list (this is a record of web sites visited) contains unusual sites. This is an easy way to catch a cheater unless they clear their cache (memory) often or use a software to clean it.
  • Frequent visits to Internet free e-mail accounts to cover their tracks. (i.e., hotmail, msn, yahoo, gmail, etc…)
  • Uncommon e-mail messages or deleted e-mail messages.
  • Cheater is preoccupied with on-line chatting, more distant emotionally, spending an excessive amount of time in the on-line chat rooms.
  • Excessive internet usage especially late at night.
  • Talk to your partner about their views on "cybersex,” online pornography and the legitimacy of "online adultery".
  • If interrupted when online, the cheater may react with anger or defensiveness.
  • Cheater quickly close programs when you enter the room.
  • Most cheating married men lie to protect their affairs, which often trigger bigger and bolder lies - including denial or promising or telling you they will quit which they usuall do not keep or follow.

Sleep patterns change - Online communities sucha as Chat rooms and meeting places for cybersex don't heat up until late at night, so the cheating husbands or boyfriends tend to stay up later.  Often, the partner suddenly begins coming to bed in the early-morning hours or may get out of bed earlier for a pre-work e-mail exchange with a new hot romantic partner.

Loss of interest in sex- Some cyber affairs evolve into phone sex or an actual rendezvous, but cybersex alone often includes mutual masturbation from the confines of each person's computer room. When a cheating man suddenly shows a lesser interest in sex, it may be an indicator that he or she has found another sexual outlet. If sexual relations continue in the relationship at all, the cheating partner may be less enthusiastic, energetic, and responsive to you and your lovemaking.
When a cheating man picks up the phone they whisper or tell the person they will call back later.

Finance clues
  • Credit card bills containing unusual gifts, travel, restaurant and unusual/unknown charges.
  • Suspicious Florist or jewelry bills.
  • Unexplained Cosmetic, perfume or lipstick purchases listed but not received by either one of you

  • Income tax returns revealing unexplained travel and business expense deductions.
  • Unexplained payments on bank statements.
  • Cheating man has more cash on hand without accountability.
  • Cheating man has unexplained receipts in wallet, car glove compartment or office desk.
  • He or she opens another checking account in secret.
  • Unusual withdrawals from checking account.
  • Increase in ATM withdrawals. Check the transaction record to determine the withdrawal location, time and date. Watch for areas that are an unexplained distance from the ATM withdrawal.
  • Time and Date - ATM withdrawal is recorded at a time when the spouse should be elsewhere, such as at work.
  • Credit card gas purchases inconsistent for the amount of miles driven on the car.
  • Gas credit cards containing uncommon locations of gas stations.

Car mileage clues

  • A Cheating man driving pattern may change. You may find the car needs gas more often or you may monitor the car's odometer and find the cheater is putting a lot of unexplained miles on the car.
  • Monitor your partner for two weeks. During this time keep track of the mileage on their car. Monitor the time they leave for work and the time they come home. By keeping a calendar and noting the times, this should help you establish a pattern. If your mate claims to be working late, check paycheck stubs to verify this overtime.
  • Your partner explains a late return home as a result of having to drive out of town on business, but yet the mileage on the car indicates less than ten mile driven.

Behavioral changes


  • Be wary when Your partner Joins a health gym or weight reduction clinic out of the blues
  • Tanning salon visits.
  • New hairstyle which may be in conflict with his or her personality.
  • Wears hair spray, colognes & perfumes more often.
  • Extreme buying of new and different clothes.
  • Gets laundry done without your help too frequently.
  • Buys sexy underwear or lingerie but does not wear them for you.
  • More frequent bathing and more careful grooming.
  • An unexplained indifference or aloofness in the relationship.
  • Spontaneous plans or events that do not include you.
  • Cheater is often distracted and daydreaming.
  • Asks about your schedule more often than usual.
  • Viagra usage count increases.
  • Cheater pays less attention to you. Cheater loses interest in things like shared baths, renting a video on Saturday night or talking over the dishes after dinner, . Cheater doesn’t get as excited about taking vacations together and avoids talking about long-range relationship plans. The Cheater is having their fun with someone else, and their thoughts of the future revolve around fantasies of running off with their new found lover.
  • Cheater spends unaccounted time away from home.
  • Cheater may have a change in sexuality (i.e., more sex, less sex) as well as unexplained sexual requests.
  • Your partner comes home late and you feel like "being romantic" and they tell you they are too tired.
  • Your partner becomes defensive during normal conversations.
  • Household chores ignored - When an internet user increases time on-line, household chores often go undone.
  • A Cheater will often lose interest in domestic activities, such as spending time with the kids, fixing up the house, lawn care, etc.
  • Cheater starts bringing you flowers and acts especially nice or cheater doesn't bring you flowers anymore and acts especially mean.
  • At the beginning of the illicit affair, the cheater may actually be more affectionate than usual due to him or her feeling guilty feelings.
  • After the affair has been going on for a while, the cheater often starts finding fault with the partner as a defensive mechanism (i.e., to justify the affair in their mind).
  • Cheater's relationship with you will almost always change. They become more distant, fault-finding or blame you for their behavior.
  • Your cheating partner tells you he just hired a new assistant and that she's not very pretty. However, when you meet her for the first time, she's absolutely gorgeous. If your partner isn't cheating, or thinking about it, he wouldn't lie to you about her looks.

Work habit clues

  • The person Comes home later than usual and gives the excuse of working late or hanging around with buddies after work.
  • Most men who Cheat are often unavailable at work.
  • A Cheater is prone to attend more work functions alone.
  • He/she works Abnormal work hours.

Tips to catch a cheater


  • Set them up by using one of your friends as prey in a bar or gym or place they frequent visit .
  • Press the  re-dial on the phone or *69. This is an effective way to find out who they’ve been calling.
  • If you suspect that your partner is involved in an online affair or excessive usage of internet pornography, monitor their online activity using the latest technology available. There are many software applications that record every keystroke on your computer without slowing it down or changing its performance.
  • Be aware of any close platonic relationships. Most friends will not approve of the cheater's ways but will cover for them. Some friends will actually help the cheater by providing an alibi for the cheater. The cheater's friend will assist the cheater out of loyalty stemming from a friendship.
  • If you suspect the cheater is actually cheating at home while you're away, make false plans to be away one weekend and stay at a local hotel. Park down the street from your residence, then watch and wait. Have a non-violent plan as to what you intend to do if your suspicions are confirmed.
  • **IMPORTANT NOTE: The cheating man must NOT know that you suspect him/her. Although it is difficult, you must still treat the cheater the same way as you did prior to suspecting him/her of cheating. Give the cheater plenty of room to hang himself/herself.

Other Tools Include
PC Pandora Key Tracking Software
PC PANDORA: PC SURVEILLANCE AND INTERNET MONITORING SOFTWARE PC Pandora is your very own personal PC and Internet detective that hides on your hard drive and monitors all computer and Internet activity. This program will allow you to record and take snapshots of the websites visited, emails sent and received, Instant Messages sent and received, Chat room conversions and other computer and Internet activity that is done on your PC. This software can also be used as a keylogger that will allow you to record secret passwords that someone may want to keep hidden from you. Once you know the passwords you will be able to enter any site that someone tries to keep hidden from you, or login to secret Hotmail, YAHOO, AOL or other web based email accounts. There are more benefits to PC Pandora than you can ever imagine. PC Pandora can protect you from allowing your spouse or significant other to CHEAT on you! PC Pandora can help you keep your children safe from online pedophiles and other predators that want to cause them harm.

Dead Beat Parent Asset Search
Locate their address, employer, bank accounts, real estate and vehicles. Must include child support order. You can use your judgment in court to attach to the assets you find. Bank accounts can be seized; boats, planes or other luxury assets can be seized and auctioned off. Real estate may be foreclosed on to collect your debt. Also, if you find a bank account or asset that your X-spouse did not disclose to the court, they could be found in contempt of court and additional monies awarded to you for their fraud and deception. It is up to you to prove that their financial statements submitted are false.

These are the best tips on Possible signs of a cheater and how to catch a cheater

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age difference in a relationship-Is it Important?

Age difference in a relationship-Is anyone here involved in a relationship with someone of a significantly different age?

age difference in a relationship
So many a times the strides of  life and it's experiences can make us find love and comort in the arms of a younger person of an opposite sex.It could be the person's smile,laughter,character or high display of high maturaity that made us fall for this person but only we know the reason for us falling in love with this person.This person seems to really be a great person to not only us but to others even when others do not agree  or support this relationship,we tend not to care anyway but still stay in such relationship.

I started talking with a woman I met on a dating site and we seem to be off to a good start.  I didn't ask her age, I just assumed she was about the same as me (I'm in my mid twenties).  When I did ask she told me she is 30 and my heart kind of sank.  A relationship with an older woman is something I have never even remotely considered but now I find myself thinking about it.  The thing that got me interested is she has said she would like another kid, something most woman my age are still thinking about, and I have sometimes thought I should have had at least one child in my secondary school days(funny right?), especially since I had so many opportunities which I decided not to utilise.

Here are a few advantages why age difference in a relationship does not quite matter:

  1. You are a guide:You are If a girl is looking for a significantly older man, they want someone who will guide the relationship and lay down boundaries. If you aren't ready to take that role, then you're not ready for a younger girl.
  2. They are more mature:I have met a few young people who were more mature than some older people I have met,(heck I met a 10 year old and I have also met very young people who are very immature.....and not ready for anything.....Everything depends on each individual is what I am trying to say.

You can encounter problems with age differences in relationships when:

  1. When you fo not Understand Your Reasons fro venturing into such a relationship
  2. When you are not Prepared to Handle Generational Differences
  3. You are not Prepared to Handle Generational Differences
  4. You do not Know How to Handle Criticism
  5. You do not Harp on Age Differences

My conclusion?Age they say is just a number and age difference between couples does not matter. I have heard this adage since my transition from childhod to adulthood, but I'm not sure I believe that.I used to think that age mattered in a big way and I found out I was wrong. Age is only a number and age difference in a relationship does not matter. Life is too short. If you find love, then by all means, GO FOR IT!! Be happy! :-)

Have you ever been through something similar?

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how to get good breath naturally

Today we are going to know the necessary on how to get good breath(steps we need to get good breathe)Now, we know thousand of people around the world are suffering from bad breath which is very uncomfortable and non-appealing. It's very unerving and very embarrassing.Many a times people tend to be a bit withdrawn from such a person as no one want to be around a person with bad breathJust imagine traveling on an aeroplane for six hours with someone sitting next to you with very bad breath. I have experienced such and I can tell that such an experience is nasty. However, you do not have to go around with bad breath,it can be gotten rid of. I have just the perfect solution on how to get rid of this conversation killer.

The use of Lemon:The first ingredient on our treatment list is lemon:The use of lemon to get good breath naturally has been in practice since ages;passed down from one generation to another.Lemons helps prevent the growth of bacteria in your mouth and  its tranches,smells and aids in masking the odor.It is one of the many ways of how to get good breath

The use of baking soda:The second solution is the use of baking soda.How effective is baking soda in the cure of bad breath? baking soda works by neutralizing build-up acid in the mouth.Therefore providing you with a clean fresh breath.

The use of mint: Mint aids fresh breath by fighting the bacteria in your mouth . It contains chlorophyll that can help to get rid of the odor causing bacteria in your mouth. Additionally, mint will leave its signature "minty fresh" behind.

Disclaimer:Make sure to read this how to get good breath guide till the end

How do I mix these natural ingredients to get "good breath naturally?"

Steps on how to get good breath naturally

  1. Boil the mint using one cup of water (eight ounces) for about five minutes.After boiling,you should strain. Then put this aside to make it cool.You want to make sure it is completely cooled.
  2. Use a large lemon but if if you have small ones you can use about two lemons if it is very juicy then it's good. Juice two lemons and make sure I get as much juice as possible from the lemon. Now once it is done here is our three ingredient (mint water), baking soda and lemon juice.
  3. Pour the three ingredients together and use a large bottle if you have one.Otherwise, you could just make it in a cup since we're going to store this mixture. You will store it in a glass jar.This is how to get good breath
  4. I'm going to use two tablespoons of baking soda. I'm going to have four tablespoons of lemon juice and right away you will notice the reaction of the lemon and the baking soda but that is quite normal. So now we're going to take our mint water and you want to make sure again that this is completely cooled.
  5. Use one cup of mint water and now I'm going to give this a stir and you want to really mix well. However, if you have a bottle with a proper cover then you could just close the bottle and you could shake. Now once it is done, here is your mouthwash for bad breath.Make sure to brush your teeth two times per day. You also want to get yourself a sponge scraper and you're going to scrape your tongue each time you brush your teeth and you're gonna also use a mouthwash of your choice now.
  6. You're gonna pour the mixture and use three times per day until the mouth odour is completely gone.
  7. Pour about two ounces in a glass or whatever cup you want to use then put it in your mouthThe lemon on the mint will leave your mouth feeling really, really refreshed.  Try this and in no time your bad breath is gonna be a thing of the past. 

Oh that's not all,even after following how to get good breath guide,you still need to follow the steps below
You need to clean out a few bad habits and embrace some good habits to get rid of chronic bad breathe even after brushing.
  1. Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated 24/7.
  2. Quit smoking, Quit chewing tobacco, reduce the intake of fish, cheese, onions, garlic and other vegetables and spices in your diet.
  3. There are some medical conditions that can also contribute to bad breath this would include upper respiratory tract infections like acute and chronic sinusitis, and thrush as well as lower respiratory tract infections namely bronchitis and pneumonia, diabetes, acid reflux and lactose intolerance can also contribute to bad breath and certain liver and kidney diseases can set you up bad breath as well. If you have been diagnosized with these diseases, treat them as soon as possible to get rid of bad breath completely.Still wondering how to get good breath ?Proceed!
  4. Fasting less and eat normal: eating something light every 2-3 hours may prevent bad breathe.Eating the number of calories your body needs helps too.
  5. Clean your tongue: Do this at least once a day. NOT with your toothbrush, use a specific designated tongue scraper or cleaner which will remove a significant amount of germs.This is yet another way on how to get good breath
  6. Observe Proper oral hygiene: frequent brushing of the teeth at least twice a day and dental floss for the gaps between the teeth helps kill bad breath.
  7. Make sure to Chew sugar-less gum: This will make more saliva in the mouth which will refresh the mouth area.
This how to get good breath naturally guide will be very helpful to everyone with bad breathe.We would love to hear from you;share your experience if it worked for you or not!.

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how to pick a dentist:find a cosmetic dentist

The importance of Dental care for a healthy lifestyle cannot be overemphasized:more than taking good care of your mouth and teeth,it also saves you the trouble of falling ill as tests and regular check up can save you some nasty bills in the future. It is always advisable, to pay regular visits to a dentist in addition to brushing and flossing your teeth. By visiting your dentist regularly,you will be preventing diseases that may affect your entire mouth which will harm your whole body.But the question;how to pick a dentist? arises on your mind frequently and you don't know how to select a good dentist.
Finding a good and professional dentist that you can trust is a great thought and decision but visiting a dentist for the first time shouldn’t be the end;follow-up visits are important as well as making efforts to know if the dentist is the right one for you and if he/she is worth scheduling for future appointments.The ultimate search for a great dentist can be difficult especially when you moved to a new place. In order to make sure you get the best, you should take your time in choosing the dentist that fits what you want.

For example in countries like Australia where there are lots of Australian Dentists Clinic which I believe will not give you a hard time finding a good dentist there as there are a large number of highly-qualified and experienced dentists for your oral health. There is an array of dentist for everyone, regardless of your need and location.

Where to look when finding a dentist;how to pick a dentist

In the process of finding a great dentist, there are a few people who might be able to help.
You can ask your doctor; since you certainly will not be the first to have asked your doctor, you can be sure to get quality recommendations when you ask your doctor.
You can also call your dental insurance company for a list of dentists in your area.
You can ask for recommendations from your family,friends or your neighbor.

How to Pick a dentist

What to consider when choosing a dentist

  • His/Her Professional qualifications: A great dentist should have the necessary qualifications and license to practice his/her profession anywhere in the world: if you notice that the dentist does not have these qualifications, then you should look elsewhere. The dentists at Clinics like the Australian Dentist clinic are all qualified and professionals at what they do. So be rest assured whenever you visit them.

  • Emergency care: You need to ask your dentist about their ability to treat emergencies or for them to give you recommendations in such cases.

  • Experience and reviews:In the search for a great dentist, you should go for those with enough experience in dentistry as they know the best methods needed in treating you. You should also ensure that you check reviews about them online or from people you know have visited them in the past.

  • Location of the dental clinic:When looking for a dentist, you should consider the distance of the dental clinic from where you reside. You do not need to travel the world before you get the right dentist.

  • The specialization of the dentist: In choosing a dentist, you should look for a clinic with a wide range of dentists; a dentist may be a specialist in Endodontics or Prosthodontics or Pediatric dentistry or Cosmetic dentistry or Orthodontics or Periodontics. Getting to know whether the dentist is competent in the part that affects you is very important.

Characteristics of a great dentist

how to pick a dentist
How to pick a dentist? You know you have found a great dentist if he/she exhibits the following.My dentists exhibits all of the following characteristics and many more

  1. Listens to you: A great dentist doesn’t just start treating you without first hearing from you.The right dentist takes time to listen to his/her patients.

  2. Respects both your time and your resources: A great dentist should be empathetic towards you. If he/she constantly leaves you unattended to or bills you heavily for treatment, you should certainly look elsewhere.

  3. Educates you: in addition to listening to you, a great dentist also guides you on what to do concerning your oral health and body health. A Dentists Clinic, should have professionals who are ready to educate the people about recent happenings in the medical field and should be ready to educate patients on their dental health.

  4. Cares about your wellbeing: A great dentist ensures to follow you after a procedure; by doing this the dentist tries to make sure that you do not have any complications and that you are fine. The right dentist doesn't just ask about your oral health but also about your general wellbeing.

  5. The dentist office is sanitary: since the dentist would be working on your mouth, the cleanliness of the office tells much about the dentist as a dirty office indicates the dentist is dirty and a clean office indicates a clean dentist.

  6. Wants a long-term “patient-dentist” relationship: A great dentist will always put you first because any dentist that doesn't value their relationship with the patient is not the right one for you.
    Cares about staff as well as you: a good dentist cares towards the staffs as well as the patients; the dentist.

After picking a dentist, you can Google the dentist’s name to know more about him/her. You can also check at the state licensing board as most state dental boards have a website for verifying if a dentist is licensed.This guide is helpful to all those who need help;how to pick a dentist.

Vegan Pizza in NewYork:Popular Diary Free Recipe

A vegan Pizza can be simple or hard depending on the person trying to make it;it is simpler when a person possess the right information and becomes harder when reverse is the case...I will share with you today a guide on making a NYC Yummy Pizza for Vegans...

The Serving Size I used in making mine is about 300 calories- Well I ate the whole thing alone(I was very hungry)....I recommend doing same unless of course you are on a vegan diet weight loss plan

Calories- If I had to guesstimate I would say it has about 300 calories or less depending on what you put on it.

Ingredients For Making A Vegan Pizza:

The percentage or amount of each ingredient you put into making this vegan pizza is really up to your taste buds and your body.Also,when it comes to being vegan all the veggies are good for you so you can basically veg out on any amount size :); the health advantage of living a healthy lifestyle)

  • Some cilantro

  • Some sun dried tomatoes

  • Some artichokes

  • One package of "Flat Out" low fat/calorie flat bread (a single piece is 90 Calories)

  • Some broccoli

  • Some green peppers

  • Some olives (sparingly on the olives because they are high in sodium)

  • Chia Seeds (you can find these in any grocery store just ask around and they will direct you to them)

  • No sugar added, (check the label not the front of the can, advertising is deceiving) canned tomato sauce

  • Garlic powder

  • Basil seasoning

  • Pretty much any vegetables you feel like putting on there!


  1. First,Pre-heat your oven to about 375 degrees and put one piece of "Flat Out" bread on a baking sheet with some garlic powered on the bottom of the sheet.After that.....move to step two

  2. Gently Place the baking sheet into the oven(remember you are what you eat;so treat it gently) and bake until the bread is a soft with a crispy texture and a little golden in colour.

  3. After taking the baking sheet out of the oven, load the flat bread up with some tomato sauce(not too plenty;just enough) and a sprinkle of chia seeds then continue by adding your favorite vegetables (I suggested some above but cooking is all about making your own creations so go have fun!)

  4. Now its time for some seasoning, season your pizza with a little basil or whatever your favorite seasoning might be (try to be conscious of how much sodium is in the seasoning though! It can affect you later time or years  if your not careful!)

  5. Last but definitely not least, place the pizza back in the oven at 375 until the toppings are golden brown!

And that is how you make a delicious and fun vegan pizza meal that everyone can enjoy and its good for you!

Love, peace and vegetables,

effects of birth control:how effective is birth control?

How Birth Control Works

The primary goal of Birth control pills is it's use in the prevention of pregnancy ;The problem lies in the side effects of birth control pills that are not commonly discussed and often ignored.. You will be shocked that they are also prescribed for irregular menstrual cycles and acne . They’re often advertised as being safe, easy to use, and they’re extremely common among women regardless of your age group. After a quick check-up(which can last from 5 minute to 10 minute depending on the doctor), a woman is handed her birth control prescription, possibly along with a small pamphlet about safe sex and reproductive health, and the rest is history.

How Effective is birth control(the good,the bad and the ugly).All effects of birth control?

Birth control methods often involve the use of Birth control pills which are made up of synthetic hormones(progestagen and synthetic estrogen) which override the body’s natural hormonal rhythm. Before you decide to take birth control pills, make sure you have every right and accurate information in front of you. It’s important to understand the downsides and side effects of birth control pills.

  1. Most popular Birth Control Pills Have other Side Effects you do not know about

    Birth control can cause migraines(part or full),headaches, fluid retention and may even worsen emotional disorders such as depression While still causing weight gain, breast tenderness, bloating, moodiness and decreased libido.These side effects of birth control pills plenty other side effects aren't shown on the label of the drug.

The side effects of birth control can be damaging to the body.Remember that Birth control pills only help to suppress symptoms, which sounds great on a stressed day, but symptoms are the ways your body tells you when something is up. As a result of birth control effectiveness;these symptoms in your body naturally are suppressed and your body system is then forced to produce lower progesterone leading to malnutrition and stress. An irregular cycle also occurs since your hormones becomes imbalanced and this could very well mean that your health and nutrition are suffering.

       2. Low dose Birth Control Pills or High Dose Effects of Birth Control pills May result in an Increased chance of   Breast Cancer Risk.......

The less you take birth control pills;the lower the effects and the Vice Versa. A research concluded by Susan G. of Komen Foundation states that, “A pooled analysis of data from more than 50 studies found that while women were taking birth control pills (and shortly thereafter), they had a 10 to 30 percent higher risk of breast cancer than women who had never for once used the pill. Once women stopped taking the pill, their risk began to decrease and after about 10 years, returned to that of women who have never taken the pill.”

        3. Another side effect of Birth Control Pills;It May Cause Nutrient Deficiencies

The liver uses more of the following nutrients;zinc, magnesium, selenium, Vitamin C, Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12 and folate to metabolize the estrogen from birth control pills and flush it out of the body but it may not accomplish these task since Oral contraceptives can result in many nutrient deficiencies of the same nutrients needed to get the body back to normal.

        4. The use of Birth Control Pills Increases the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Research has shown that Synthetic estrogen creates cardiovascular risks in some women,increasing chance of increased potential in facing life-threatening blood clots, as well as a higher risk of full body stroke and a long term heart disease, because of the chemical compounds contained on the pills which effects can be negative on the body’s clotting system.

       5.Birth Control Pills Don’t Address the Root Cause of Symptoms.This is another negative effects of Birth control pills

Birth control can cause migraines(part or full),headaches, fluid retention and may even worsen emotional disorders such as depression While still causing weight gain, breast tenderness, bloating, moodiness
and decreased libido.These side effects of birth control pills plenty other side effects aren’t shown on the label of the drug.

Bottom Line:Deciding whether or not to take birth control is a personal choice-no hard feelings but being informed of it's effectiveness and side effects is an important part of making the right decision for your health and your body. Understand now that birth control pills do not protect against sexually transmitted infections like STD, HIV and AIDS. A correct and professional prescription is needed to begin taking birth control pills, and remembering to take it is the only way to ensure efficient pregnancy prevention.Out of every 100 women who use birth control pills in a year, about nine may get pregnant.These are the real truths of the effects of Birth Control

senior singles dating:Other 50+ Singles Online

senior singles dating is nothing new and can be exciting most times as individuals enjoy the comfort of a soul mate.Shortly after age 50, opportunities to meet fun-loving new people tend to reduce, especially if you are living alone, retired or living in a remote area as a result of this,meeting senior singles of your age becomes even harder because you don’t go to the same places you used to, places like, Parties,night clubs,networking events where you had more of a chance to start up a conversation with a stranger and discover something brand new. Additionally, maybe it’s been quite some time since your last had a date and you’re not so sure of your flirting expertise anymore.

However, in recent times, the rate at which individuals decide to divorce or break-apart is alarming!. Some simply give the excuse that they haven’t found the right person yet and others just enjoy the feeling of a no-string attached sex. The result of these decisions and actions is that there are much more singles over 50 out there than ever before. These days, meeting other people on the INTERNET, particularly via a dating website, is more and more popular amongst senior women and men. Not only is the process easy, especially for the more timid amongst us, it is also practical, as you can find singles living around you with just a few clicks. Here are a few tips to help you with senior singles dating after age 50.

You have to register with a senior singles dating website that suits your search

Our world today has simplified dating for all age range as a large number of people find their soul mate through the help of a dating website. If you want the same, it’s essential that you choose the right site for yourself before you begin scan potential mates;It’s important to seek out one that corresponds to your criteria and has a certain level of compatibility you want. To avoid being contacted by an 18 year old or 25-year-old or someone who’s just looking for a one-night fling whereas you want to find love, I advice you opt for a senior dating site dedicated to men and women over 50 looking for a serious relationship. Once you have registered, take your time to create an intriguing,truthful and personal on-line profile to make other potential mates want to know more about you.

Browse alumni websites to increase your chances of finding your true soul mate

Check your college or high school alumni website .It’s a great way and easy way to get back in touch with people who are likely to share common interests with you. Some websites even allow you to find and contact your former classmates back in elementary school through their search functionality button,Viola!You get the ball moving! Moreover, Through websites like these, the student community can sometimes organize a little meet-up. Take a leap,do not be afraid or shy and contact your old friends. You probably will have plenty of things to catch up on and, who knows, some of them might also be singles like you who are looking for senior singles to date!.

Be sure to attend events for seniors over 50

Tons of companies arrange events for senior citizens through their company website.Such programs usually entail dinners, dances,blind dates, night games or cruises, there is always something for everyone but first You need to go on-line and sign up to any event that seems interesting and fun to you. If you don’t want to meet an 20 year old or worse,an 18-year-old, be sure to you register for an event whose participants;men and women are of your age range.

The most Essential Point to enjoy senior singles dating 

Join and participate in on-line groups dedicated to men and women of your age range on social media networks like Yahoo and Face-book, In my experience, Face-book has groups for absolutely everything. You’ll find some groups dedicated to cinema, DIY another to gardening, as well as groups aimed at seniors who are over 50 and want to meet new people. All you have to do to meet them is to simply join the group that interests you,make interesting and catchy comments and then react to a post or a photo(negatively or positively;this will call for attention). Don’t hesitate to start a conversation on-line through chat to improve your chances of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right!This essential action will make sure that your senior singles dating attempts at finding a soul mate is rewarded.

Think positive and be patient

Their exists the odd that you won’t find love just like on your first trial of senior dating unless of course you are very lucky. Situations and experiences will often bring about the need to meet several people before deciding to select the right one for your soul,body,mind and spirit. It’s perfectly normal. So stay positive and patient, Love will happen to you too. In the mean time,on every encounter spend your time enjoying yourself as much as possible while still having fun dating senior singles dating !

How to detox your body:TOP 10 ways to do it naturally

How to detox your body;The art of detoxification has been practiced for centuries by different cultures around the world — Most popular among the AYURBEDIC and CHINESE medicine systems — detoxification is about resting the human body, cleansing it from the inside out and nourishing the body abundantly. This is done by removing and eliminating toxins that causes harm to the human body and, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients which strengthens your immune system, detoxifying can help protect you from disease and this renew your ability to maintain optimum health.


How to detox your body TOP 10 ways to do it naturally.jpg

Basically, detoxification means cleansing the blood. This is done by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin. However, when these systems are compromised, impurities aren't properly filtered and the body is adversely affected.

Every professional detox program can help aid the body's natural cleansing process by:

  1. Refueling the body with healthy nutrients it needs

  2. Stimulating and strengthening the liver to drive toxins from the body

  3. Elimination of toxins through the skin,intestines, and kidneys

  4. Increasing the circulation of the blood in the human body and

  5. Relaxing the organs through fasting


How to detox your body TOP 10 ways to do it naturally.jpg

detoxification should be done at least once a year and not more than your body can contain. However, concerns must be raised when a nursing mother wants to detoxify;extra precaution is also needed when young children, patients with cancer,chronic degeneration diseases, or tuberculosis wants to detox the body. I strongly advice that you consult your health care practitioner if you have questions about whether detoxing your body is right for you or not.

Detoxing is advised and infact allowed when you experience the following situations situations such as:

  • Unexplained fatigue

  • Sluggish elimination

  • Puffy eyes or bags under the eyes

  • Bloating

  • Irritated skin

  • Menstrual problems

  • Mental confusion

  • Allergies

  • Low-grade infection


First, lighten up your body's toxin load by eliminating and abstaining from alcohol and it's by-products, coffee, refined sugars,cigarettes, and saturated fats, all of which become toxins to the body and often act as  obstacles to your body's healing process. You should also minimize the use of chemical-based household cleaners and personal health care products (cleansers, shampoos, deodorants, and toothpastes), and substitute natural alternatives.Natural plants such as Aloe Vera,Peace Lily, and snake plant should be planted and placed in your home to clear the air naturally.

One of the hindrance to good health is stress.Stress triggers your body to create and release hormones(stress hormones) into your system. On a great day, these hormones can provide the "adrenaline rush" to win a race or meet a deadline but when created in large amounts can create toxins and slow down detoxification enzymes in the liver. Yoga and meditation are some simple yet effective ways to relieve stress as they reset your physical and mental reactions to the inevitable presence of stress life  brings to us all.


There are many detoxification programs and detox recipes you can try, depending on your individual needs and body strengths but many programs often follow a seven-day(7 day) schedule. Bennett further explains, "it takes the body time to clean the blood." His program involves fasting on liquids for two days, followed by a carefully planned five-day detox diet to allow the digestive system to rest. Penmyemotions like page recommends a three- to seven-day juice fast (drinking only clean  water, vegetable juices and fresh fruit ) as a very effective way to release toxins from the human body.

Here the best on diet to follow to learn "How to detox your body"-our five favorite detox diets:

  1. Simple Fruit and Veggie Detox

  2. Juice Cleanse

  3. Sugar Detox

  4. Hypoallergenic Detox

  5. Smoothie Cleanse


How to detox your body TOP 10 ways to do it naturally.jpg

After you follow a detoxification program step-by-step till the end, you can cleanse your body daily with these healthy lifestyle practices and diet supplements:

  1. The most important way to detoxify is through exercise. Yoga or jump-roping are good too and should be done at least One hour of every day. Also try Qigong- a martial arts based exercise system that includes exercises specifically for detoxifying or cleansing, as well as many other exercises with specific health benefits.

  2. Sweat in a sauna so your body can eliminate waste through perspiration.

  3. Dry-brush your skin or try detox foot spas/foot baths to remove toxins through your pores. Special brushes are available at natural products stores.

  4. Make sure to eat plenty of fiber, especially  brown rice and organic  fresh fruits and vegetables. Beets,cabbage, broccoli, spirulina, radishes, artichokes,  chlorella, and seaweed are excellent detoxifying foods.

  5. Take herbs such as dandelion root, burdock, and milk thistle, and drinking green tea to cleanse and protect your liver.

  6. Take vitamin C, which helps the body produce glutathione which is a liver compound that drives away toxins.

  7. Drink at least two quarts of water a day.

  8. Breathe slowly and deeply to allow oxygen to circulate more completely through your system.

  9. Transform stress into positive emotions whenever you can.

  10. Practice hydrotherapy by taking a very hot shower for five minutes, allowing the water to run on your back. Follow with cold water for 30 seconds. Do this three times, and then get into bed for 30 minutes.

Always remember to consult your doctor before using any health treatment on yourself, herbal supplements and natural remedies included, and tell your doctor if you have an allergic reaction, serious medical condition or are taking any medications(even in small doses;do not neglect to tell,be open to your doctor).

Disclaimer:The How to detox your body information presented here is for educational purposes only and is in no way intended as substitute for proper medical counseling.

11 amazing health benefits of Kola nut to the body

11 amazing health benefits of Kola nut to the body

Bitter Kola nut is a popular agricultural produce available in large quantity in West Africa especially in Nigeria as most people eat bitter kola because of it's numerous medicinal purpose.The amazing health benefits of Kola nut to the body can never be over emphasized,no wonder it is generally referred to as the "African Wonder Fruit" as it has been identified and tested to be a potent antibiotic which is effective in the treatment of many diseases. The nuts,fruits,seeds and the plant's bark have been used throughout centuries in folk medicine to treat ailments ranging from coughs to fever.It is known in the international market as "Garcinia Kola" which symbolizes its Botanical Name and is variedly used in the preparation of herbal drugs functioning as a herbal remedy as well as a stimulant supplement.In Nigeria,it grows on the G.Kola trees that is normally found in coastal rain forest zones found in the West,East and Southern parts of Nigeria.The three major tribes in Nigeria call it different names;the Igbo tribe call it "Aki-ilu",the Hausa's in the northern part of Nigeria call it "Nmiji-goro" and the Yoruba's in the south western part of Nigeria call it "Orogbo".

Traditionally,bitter kola was eaten mostly by the elderly people because of their belief that it could prolong life.In recent years,this has proven to be true as modern research scientists have discovered that bitter Kola contains powerful chemical compounds that will help breakdown glycogen in the liver,anti-poison and has the ability to repel evil men and spirits,it could look and sound superstitious but it works.The naturalist school of thought even said that bark and sees of Kola should be eaten together in cases where food poisoning is suspected or experienced,"it helps to detoxify the system",Indeed,it really works!All these account for the wonder fruit favorite use.

Additionally,these nuts were chewed by people to stimulate free flow of saliva in the mouth,but today,they are widely consumed as a snack(blame it on people firsthand knowledge of it's amazing benefits).There are popular traditional belief of the use of nuts of bitter Kola,the most popular of these belief are

  • The strategic placement of bitter kola nuts in your home or environment can scare away snakes or prevent them from coming anywhere close

  • bitter kola help spiritually i.e it helps chase away bad omens from your home and self

Tracing our diverse cultures root in Nigeria,you will find out that bitter kola plays super important cultural roles in the Yoruba and Igbo tribe,and to Ivory Coast,Ghana and other central African Countries.They are used in traditional ceremonies,marking some special events such as coronation ceremonies,marriages, and fortune telling by traditional herbalist etc and still they gladly enjoy the health benefits of kola nut.

You might be shocked to learn that kola nuts consist of only 2% caffeine and is the origin of the word "Cola", and also believed among major Nigerian tribes to be the first tree on earth.In these regions ,the nuts are often chewed before actual meals to aid easy digestion and combat harmful effects of drinking impure water.In addiction,it contains Theobromine;an alkaloid substance found in chocolate and is also considered to be a major cause of the feeling of alertness and well being after consumption.This potent mixture of theobromine and caffeine might just be a big contributing factor for the moderate sense of euphoria that's reported after chewing the nuts.

Health benefits Of Kola nut to the body

11 amazing health benefits of Kola nut to the body

Native to Africa,kola nut has been properly utilized for hundreds of years by Africans;from chewing it to get energy from the caffeine present within the nuts to it's use as an energizer and appetizer suppressant, to it's utilization in the management of morning sickness,digestion problems and migraine.Listed below are a few health advantages of kola nuts.

  1. Effective Metabolism Booster
    One popular health benefits of kola nut to the body is the presence of caffeine in kola nut which in turn increases it's capability to aid the body while increasing heart rate.This one effect of the numerous health effects of the kola nut can prove dangerous to individuals that have pre-existing heart problems.On the other hand,it could supply a required metabolic boost to individuals with slow metabolism.This optimizes heart health,in recommended dosages,as caffeine is researched to be a health stimulant.This body optimization helps boost metabolism which has a number of physiological and enzymatic effects on the human body.

  2. Circulation of Oxygen :Kola nuts possess the ability to circulate the flow of oxygen to particular areas of the body such as the skin,organs and the brain by stimulating heart rate as well as increasing circulation.As a result of this,kola nuts are popularly referred to as intellectual boosters,because a higher level of oxygen within the brain has been associated with higher levels of concentration and cognition.Kola nuts are sometimes chewed on simply because they help "Clear the mind".This encourages the healing of wounds in the body.

  3. The nuts aids easy digestion
    For thousands of years,kola nuts and it's bark have been chewed or consumed by indigenous culture in Africa in the management of digestive upset as well as in ceremonies.Kola nuts active ingredients have the ability to improve digestion as well as nutrient absorption while decreasing your chances of having or contacting cramping,bowel problems,bloating,along with other,most severe,gastrointestinal issues.

  4. Bitter Kola improves our immune system health
    Because the leaves and the root stem have been discovered to contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may prevent and if already contacted,can fight against different kinds of bacteria and virus infection responsible for the creation of a number of respiratory illnesses,which includes bronchitis,tuberculosis and meningitis.Although the nuts themselves are not directly linked to this therapeutic benefit,it's extracts can be bought in most health food stores.

  5. Improves and aids weight loss
    Caffeine is a hunger suppreser to some extent,kola nut is a natural hunger suppresant as it contains caffeine.It is a natural fat burner as it increases the urge to drink more water which in turn fastens metabolism.I this often times to people who want to lose weight or improve the quality of their diet.

  6. Prevents and fights against infections
    According to May 2004 edition of the journal research "Phytotheraphy research",nut extracts from a number of kola-nuts can considerably hinder the development of bacteria belonging to the Mycobacterium species which can cause a number of diseases such as meningitis as well as tuberculosis.This claim however have not been confirmed clinically and I also advice the use of the herb,should be utilized following the guidance of a skilled medical practitioner.

  7. Helps stimulate the nervous system
    One tablespoon of kola nut powder in a cup of tea or black coffee can ehance and optimize nervous and muscular energies,according to Richard Allan Miller,writer and author of "The Magical and Ritual Use Of Herbs"

  8. Increases energy and bronchodilation
    Kolanuts contains caffeine,theophylline and theobromine. Theophylline helps assist relax muscles and dilates bronchioles in individuals who are suffering from asthma and bronchitis.Theo-bromine decreases blood pressure and dilates blood vessels.
    Caffeine provides energy to individuals struggling with tiredness and long-term fatigue.

  9. Reduces high blood pressure
    Reports have shown that kola might help lower high blood pressure level and combat numerous harmful toxins in the human body.It's use also include fight against urinary tract infections,hepatis,venereal diseases,rheumatism and congestive heart failure.

  10. Bitter Kola Enhance male fertility
    Bitter Kola nut has been a widely used treatment in enhancing male fertility.Bitter Kola effects on sperm is the cure of quick ejaculation as well as impotency;it can alter the chemicals responsible for the control of libido in men but I strongly advice you use it wisely.

  11. Effective in the treatment of Glaucoma
    Garcina Kola helps to effectively reduce eye pressure when taken twice a day.Uncontrolled eye pressure can lead to glaucoma,an eye disease that if left untreated can and will damage the optic pat of the eye ball which can make you blind.This effective amazing health benefits of kola nut is a very potent one.

Negative Side effects of kola nuts

11 amazing health benefits of Kola nut to the body

  1. Bitter Kola and Pregnancy:Caffeine consumption during pregnancy in most cases usually result in low fetal weight.Due to it's high caffeine and theobrime contents,kola nuts usually are not suitable for nursing and pregnant mothers.

  2. Abuse of kola nut or even heavy consumption of Cola beverages has been relaxed to inhibition of bone development in adolescent as well as bone loss in adults.

  3. Some negative side effects of kola nut include but not linited to:diarrhea,nausea,anxiety,insomnia,nervousness,tremorr and gastrointestinal problems or even worse DEATH.These problems could occur when kola is abused.

  4. Reports and many professionally are suggesting that teenagers to limit their consumption of soft drinks that contain cola.The reduction of consumption of these drinks will decrease their chance of osteopoiosis in later life.

  5. Kolanut combination with high blood pressure medication(HBP),muscle relaxants,heart medication nitrates and calcium-channel could result in a death sentence.

  6. Medical reports show that drinks that contains cola often boost the rate and defree at which carbamazepine(Tetgretol);a drug used to cure epilepsy and bipolar disorder is absorbed.

  7. Kola nut can interfere with tricyclic antidepressant medications along with inhibitors(MAO).

In Conclusion:Above are the amazing health benefits of kola nuts to the body and  Kola nut side effects

healthy gums and teeth:Improve Your Oral Hygiene

healthy gums and teeth :Every year Millions of people suffer from poor oral hygiene, leaving them with decaying teeth, bad gums and inflammation of the gums. This oral problems can make you suffer from a low self-esteem,mouth odor and a painful smile. However,you do not need to continue down this same pathway; there are things that should be done to possess healthy gums and teeth.A good teeth hygiene requires performing the following exercises daily or regularly to cure oral health problems.

Choosing The Right Toothbrush for healthy gums and teeth

You must understand that not every toothbrush is designed for every set of human teeth as every human has a different shape of teeth when compared to another. Therefore,It is crucial to choose the perfect toothbrush for your teeth that not only clears off food remains but can also reach in between your teeth,wash your tongue and not bleed your gums, this right toothbrush will improve your oral health especailly oral health for children. Believe it or not, selecting a wrong toothbrush will do you more harm than good, you can always seek the advice of your dentist if you have difficulty choosing a brand for your teeth.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is a very bad habit that is extremely difficult to kick against and will hurt your body, teeth and gums.One can quit this bad oral hygiene habit with exercises(helps you sweat out the nicotine) and the use of nicotine trans-dermal patches. The tar and nicotine contained in a cigarette will stain your teeth,burn your gum and cause bad breath. Chewing dip and tobacco is far worse so do not think that you can substitute cigarette for tobacco and Tar or Vice Versa.

You will be better off to quit smoking all together and if you cannot do this alone, feel free to seek help from your primary care physician. Today, research and science have made smoking addiction quitable as there are now several drugs available that can help eliminate nicotine cravings, which can be rather powerful, especially in the first few days after you stop smoking. Over time,In your fight against it, your cravings will decrease, but it will take some time, before they are completely gone.

Brush At Least Twice A Day

Brushing twice a day or more is best if you want to have healthy gums and teeth; most people brush their teeth once a day, the result of this is poor oral hygiene.Brushing once a day is not enough to keep your oral hygiene healthy. Most practicing dentists will recommend brushing at least twice a day or once after each meal. If you are someone who enjoys traveling quite a lot or always on the move or on the-go, you can walk into a store and purchase a small tube of tooth paste and a travel brush, so you will always have it on-hand at all times thus, giving you a a healthy oral hygiene.

Brush Your Tongue daily Using the Right Brush

Your tongue is a store house for a gigantic amount of bacteria and food particles that will cause an unattractive mouth odor. If you fail to brush your tongue after the successful completion of each meal, your breath will become bad and certainly will not be improved, even if you brush your teeth multiple times simultaneously. Always brush your tongue gently every time you brush and floss your teeth to remove the bacteria that are causing every foul mouth odor emitted from your mouth.

Floss Regularly And Properly

The use of of floss to clean the areas between the teeth can definitely be time consuming, especially when you are a beginner at doing it. However, once you do it twice a day for about two weeks, it will just becomes a hobby to you. The process can be daunting no doubt as you will probably feel like giving up. Do not let this discourage you from achieving your goal of having good healthy oral hygiene, because flossing play a huge role in keeping your gums and teeth health.

Fluoride And Whitening Toothpaste

You will find a large collection of toothpaste brands on the market. The use of fluoride and teeth whitening toothpaste to get healthy gums and teeth is not new.However, you should choose one that contain fluoride and baking soda as these help protect your tooth enamel.