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how to get good breath naturally

Today we are going to know the necessary on how to get good breath(steps we need to get good breathe)Now, we know thousand of people around the world are suffering from bad breath which is very uncomfortable and non-appealing. It's very unerving and very embarrassing.Many a times people tend to be a bit withdrawn from such a person as no one want to be around a person with bad breathJust imagine traveling on an aeroplane for six hours with someone sitting next to you with very bad breath. I have experienced such and I can tell that such an experience is nasty. However, you do not have to go around with bad breath,it can be gotten rid of. I have just the perfect solution on how to get rid of this conversation killer.

The use of Lemon:The first ingredient on our treatment list is lemon:The use of lemon to get good breath naturally has been in practice since ages;passed down from one generation to another.Lemons helps prevent the growth of bacteria in your mouth and  its tranches,smells and aids in masking the odor.It is one of the many ways of how to get good breath

The use of baking soda:The second solution is the use of baking soda.How effective is baking soda in the cure of bad breath? baking soda works by neutralizing build-up acid in the mouth.Therefore providing you with a clean fresh breath.

The use of mint: Mint aids fresh breath by fighting the bacteria in your mouth . It contains chlorophyll that can help to get rid of the odor causing bacteria in your mouth. Additionally, mint will leave its signature "minty fresh" behind.

Disclaimer:Make sure to read this how to get good breath guide till the end

How do I mix these natural ingredients to get "good breath naturally?"

Steps on how to get good breath naturally

  1. Boil the mint using one cup of water (eight ounces) for about five minutes.After boiling,you should strain. Then put this aside to make it cool.You want to make sure it is completely cooled.
  2. Use a large lemon but if if you have small ones you can use about two lemons if it is very juicy then it's good. Juice two lemons and make sure I get as much juice as possible from the lemon. Now once it is done here is our three ingredient (mint water), baking soda and lemon juice.
  3. Pour the three ingredients together and use a large bottle if you have one.Otherwise, you could just make it in a cup since we're going to store this mixture. You will store it in a glass jar.This is how to get good breath
  4. I'm going to use two tablespoons of baking soda. I'm going to have four tablespoons of lemon juice and right away you will notice the reaction of the lemon and the baking soda but that is quite normal. So now we're going to take our mint water and you want to make sure again that this is completely cooled.
  5. Use one cup of mint water and now I'm going to give this a stir and you want to really mix well. However, if you have a bottle with a proper cover then you could just close the bottle and you could shake. Now once it is done, here is your mouthwash for bad breath.Make sure to brush your teeth two times per day. You also want to get yourself a sponge scraper and you're going to scrape your tongue each time you brush your teeth and you're gonna also use a mouthwash of your choice now.
  6. You're gonna pour the mixture and use three times per day until the mouth odour is completely gone.
  7. Pour about two ounces in a glass or whatever cup you want to use then put it in your mouthThe lemon on the mint will leave your mouth feeling really, really refreshed.  Try this and in no time your bad breath is gonna be a thing of the past. 

Oh that's not all,even after following how to get good breath guide,you still need to follow the steps below
You need to clean out a few bad habits and embrace some good habits to get rid of chronic bad breathe even after brushing.
  1. Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated 24/7.
  2. Quit smoking, Quit chewing tobacco, reduce the intake of fish, cheese, onions, garlic and other vegetables and spices in your diet.
  3. There are some medical conditions that can also contribute to bad breath this would include upper respiratory tract infections like acute and chronic sinusitis, and thrush as well as lower respiratory tract infections namely bronchitis and pneumonia, diabetes, acid reflux and lactose intolerance can also contribute to bad breath and certain liver and kidney diseases can set you up bad breath as well. If you have been diagnosized with these diseases, treat them as soon as possible to get rid of bad breath completely.Still wondering how to get good breath ?Proceed!
  4. Fasting less and eat normal: eating something light every 2-3 hours may prevent bad breathe.Eating the number of calories your body needs helps too.
  5. Clean your tongue: Do this at least once a day. NOT with your toothbrush, use a specific designated tongue scraper or cleaner which will remove a significant amount of germs.This is yet another way on how to get good breath
  6. Observe Proper oral hygiene: frequent brushing of the teeth at least twice a day and dental floss for the gaps between the teeth helps kill bad breath.
  7. Make sure to Chew sugar-less gum: This will make more saliva in the mouth which will refresh the mouth area.
This how to get good breath naturally guide will be very helpful to everyone with bad breathe.We would love to hear from you;share your experience if it worked for you or not!.


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