Tuesday, July 4, 2017

age difference in a relationship-Is it Important?

Age difference in a relationship-Is anyone here involved in a relationship with someone of a significantly different age?

age difference in a relationship
So many a times the strides of  life and it's experiences can make us find love and comort in the arms of a younger person of an opposite sex.It could be the person's smile,laughter,character or high display of high maturaity that made us fall for this person but only we know the reason for us falling in love with this person.This person seems to really be a great person to not only us but to others even when others do not agree  or support this relationship,we tend not to care anyway but still stay in such relationship.

I started talking with a woman I met on a dating site and we seem to be off to a good start.  I didn't ask her age, I just assumed she was about the same as me (I'm in my mid twenties).  When I did ask she told me she is 30 and my heart kind of sank.  A relationship with an older woman is something I have never even remotely considered but now I find myself thinking about it.  The thing that got me interested is she has said she would like another kid, something most woman my age are still thinking about, and I have sometimes thought I should have had at least one child in my secondary school days(funny right?), especially since I had so many opportunities which I decided not to utilise.

Here are a few advantages why age difference in a relationship does not quite matter:

  1. You are a guide:You are If a girl is looking for a significantly older man, they want someone who will guide the relationship and lay down boundaries. If you aren't ready to take that role, then you're not ready for a younger girl.
  2. They are more mature:I have met a few young people who were more mature than some older people I have met,(heck I met a 10 year old and I have also met very young people who are very immature.....and not ready for anything.....Everything depends on each individual is what I am trying to say.

You can encounter problems with age differences in relationships when:

  1. When you fo not Understand Your Reasons fro venturing into such a relationship
  2. When you are not Prepared to Handle Generational Differences
  3. You are not Prepared to Handle Generational Differences
  4. You do not Know How to Handle Criticism
  5. You do not Harp on Age Differences

My conclusion?Age they say is just a number and age difference between couples does not matter. I have heard this adage since my transition from childhod to adulthood, but I'm not sure I believe that.I used to think that age mattered in a big way and I found out I was wrong. Age is only a number and age difference in a relationship does not matter. Life is too short. If you find love, then by all means, GO FOR IT!! Be happy! :-)

Have you ever been through something similar?


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